Here Are Easy Beauty Tips For When You’re Sick

Is there anything that you can do when you fall sick? Nothing much we suppose. You just have to wait for the virus to go away, and take your medicines on time. This is how we beat the cough and the cold, or the light fevers too. However, with a pink nose on you and a party to attend the same evening, a little embarrassment comes in. Here are a couple of beauty tips for when you’re sick.

Before applying makeup, the first thing to do is to deep cleanse the skin with a cleansing milk, and then toning it. But don’t forget the use of moisturizers. Use a moisturiser as per the skin type you have. Using moisturizer as one of your beauty tips for when you’re sick, is necessary, as it will make the skin look and feel a lot more hydrated. 카지노사이트

Dry skin makes the complexion look dead and dull
It is not only uncomfortable to have dry patchy skin, and painful dry skin, but also it makes the skin look dull, and the complexion look dead and drab. It is not the best look you can have, when you have dead, dull and dry skin. Your skin needs to be kept hydrated at all times, and that is why, even when you are sick, you still have to maintain a skin care regime. At least wash your face twice a day and use a good moisturizer after that, which will help the skin stay hydrated and supple, and you would not look too sick as well.

For the chapped areas
For the patchy chapped areas of the skin, a healing ointment should be dabbed onto wet tissue towels and dabbed onto the skin as well. This keeps the skin nice and prepped up all day long, even when you are sick. If you have a humidifier at home, you can use it to plump up the skin by steaming the face. This will help open the nasal tract too and beat the cold away. Or your can use a moisturizing mask as well, which will give your skin a quick pick up. A moisturizing mask if you use should be one that would help quench the dry skin or look for a cooling moisturizing mask, which will help bring down the inflammation and redness associated with sickness, on the skin. And for a few days, if you are using products that have retinol or retinoids in them, it would be wise to stop using them for now. Your skin needs to recover and hence using them in your daily skin care routine is not advised.

Do away with those puffy eyes
There would be a lot of congestion in your body when you fall sick, and this is why you would be advised by your doctor to sleep with your head an at angle to avoid the same. This makes the fluids from the face drain away easily. Now to battle the eyebags under your eyes, you should try the tea remedy. Two cold tea bags which are wet should be taken, and placed over your eyes for fifteen minutes. They will help bring down the fluid drainage and depuff the eyes as well. 안전한카지노사이트

We may also be sneezing and have sinuses that are stuffed up, and this means most nights would be sleepless too. They can make you look tired and dead the next day, and there would be people asking you more about your health, rather than complimenting you for your looks. This is not what you want, right? One of the sick makeup beauty tips to share would be to use cold cucumber slices on top of your eyelids. Close your eyes and place the cucumber slices on top, and wait for fifteen minutes. This will help constrict the blood vessels and brings down the puffiness and the swelling too. And this will also bring in relief if your eyes are burning from the fever and the heat within the body.

You can also go ahead and use an eye compress or an eye cooling mask, which will depuff the eyes and moisturize the skin around the eyes as well. One of the best tips we can give you here is to look for eye creams that have caffeine in them. Caffeine is known to bring down puffiness to a large extent. And if you are using an eye cream bought from the market, you should first keep the cream in the fridge. This will cool the cream further and it will also refresh the eyelids too, and fight puffiness as well. To avoid the red eyes, it would be wise to use eyedrops to help lubricate the eyes and to cool it down. This will also bring down the redness of the eyes associated with colds.

Do not use too much base or powder
One of the sick makeup tips we can give out here is to use less of foundation or base, or nothing at all. You can go ahead and skip the traditional foundation and face powder, since the face is dehydrated and by using the same you can have a cakey look coming through. A cakey look is not a healthy look. If you have to use foundation, look for mineral foundations that can be mixed with a moisturizer and used. This would help the skin look supple and soft, plumped up and not dehydrated as well.

Your skin should be warmed up
For most part of being sick, we would feel pasty on our skin, isnt it? This means, you feel your face is pale and without any colour. What you would need to do then is to add a little color to the face, but not pinks. Use warmer shades for your skin, by using a little bronzer and peach toned cream blushes. This helps bring about a very warm and a healthy glow to your skin.

Your eyes need brightening
There would be dullness and redness around your eyes when you are unwell, and this is all too common. What you need to do is to dab a little pale and shimmery beige shadow on the lids and at the eye’s inner corner too. This would help catch the light, make the eyes look big and nice and also bring down the dullness around the eyes as well. And when using mascara, ensure that you use a waterproof one. This is because the eyes would be watery when you are sick, and a non-waterproof mascara would make matters worse. It would drip when it comes in contact with drainage and that would not be a pretty sight.

Use a Moisturizing Sanitizer
Another way on how to look beautiful would be to use a moisturizing sanitizer when you are sick. It is important to keep one handy when you are sick, since germs would be on your hands. And each time you wash your hands, you would be stripping the hands off the moisturizer too. This is most true with alcohol based hand sanitizers. Alcohol based sanitizers would also dry out the cuticles and the nails of your hands as well.

Use a concealer
You need to get to the beauty store and grab a green concealer. With a green concealer used, you can neutralize the pinkish red tones on the skin. On the color wheel, you would have noticed that green is a color which cuts out or contradicts red and pink. Green helps neutralize the hues caused by the viral attack, and brings a warm flush to the face. But when using green concealer, only use it on the areas affected, and not on the whole face. Yellow or orange concealers on the other hand can be used to neutralize the dark circles around the eyes. 카지노사이트 추천

Tinted creams and less blush
One of the hallmarks of being sick would be pale skin. It is as good as wearing a giant placard stating you are sick. Your cheeks are pale, which is why you need only a hint of color. Mind you, just a hint is what you need and not more. A hint of blush would do, and not a rosy thick layer of it. A hint of blush is more than enough for flattering sake. Do not pile foundation on the dry chapped skin, it will make it look cakey which is horrible. Use a tinted moisturizer instead, and this will give the skin all the hydration it needs. And with a tinted moisturizer, there is lightweight coverage done with a natural hint of color so natural, coming through too. Moreover, with a tinted moisturiser, your skin texture would look even and flawless, even though you are sick. Foundations would only cake up the scene, and that is not flattering. Warm up the face which is pink and red because of the viral attack, by using a hint of bronzer across the cheeks instead of pink blush. This will add a subtle warm glow and distract the onlookers from thinking you are unwell. You can also use bronzer to get the oval shape face by contouring your face with it. Or you can get a dewy look, like hollywood star Halle Berry!

Exfoliate your skin
Another way on how to look good even when you are sick is to make sure to get rid of the flaky and dry dead skin cells, and hence using the right exfoliator is a must. This will help smoothen the skin texture which has been affected because of the viral attack. Once a week exfoliation on a gentle light note is more than enough. But if the skin is highly dry and painful, chapped and very flaky, it should not be touched.

We hope these secret beauty tips and tips to look pretty even when you are sick makes good reading sense. We would like to know what secret beauty tips, and tricks you use to look and stay beautiful when you are down under the weather too- do write in to us!

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